The Big Question

As I sit here pondering what I should have for dinner, this random thought pops into my head…

Every god is faced with the same question, what shall I create first?

And since I’m getting nowhere with my dinner choice, I continue pondering this strange thought…

So, as god, what do you create first? Well, as god you are, by definition, the supreme being – king of everything. And as Mel Brooks pointed out, it’s good to be the king. Unfortunately there is one small problem. Who is going to create you? Let’s face it – without a creator you can’t exist. But, if you do have a creator then you are not god – they are! It is a pickle, no doubt. So how to solve it?

Well there is one possible solution that doesn’t violate the creator – createe contract…

Every god must be their own creator.

OK, it sounds kind of tricky – this whole business of creating yourself but you can’t let that deter you – you are god – for god sakes! OK so what to do, what to do? How will you create yourself?

How about this? Start by tying the first day to the last day. OK good, right? Now what? What does this accomplish? Well it turns all of creation into a big loop. Everything that happens in our loop had a moment before and a moment after. OK that sounds right. So what next?

Well stand back and take a look at your loop. There is a special place in the loop – do you see it? There it is – the place where the first day connects to the last day. What should happen there? How about this, situate yourself as god on this last day, and take a look at the first day. Got it? Good. Now, ask this question –

What has to happen on that first day that will start a chain of events that will lead to me standing here on this last day as a god – a god powerful enough to create the first day.

And BANG! The correct answer to that one question sets in motion everything required to result in your creation. Which of course brings us back to where we started… 

Every god must set in motion the chain of events that leads to its own creation. 

So what does this mean for us – mere mortals?

Well I think it answers a fundamental question. No not who shot JR (boy that dates me! You kids can google that one). No – it answers the question – what is our purpose, why are we here? And if my insane logic is correct the answer is clear. Everything that exists, space, time, the universe, physics, stars, planets, biology, intelligent life, culture, religion, politics, the internet, reality TV shows, you, me, everything – everything exists to fulfill one purpose… And that purpose is to be a part of the loop that eventually leads to the creation of a god powerful enough to create itself and everything in between.

OK so now that that’s solved, on to the Big Question – what to have for dinner – ah – heck with it – I’ll order take out!


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