Cosmological Evolution (Part 3)

As I pointed out in the previous post, in scale theory, all possible alternate histories and futures only exist as information at sub Planck scales. And from all of these possible histories and futures, one single actual universe ends up emerging – the one you are in right now. This post series asks the question…

which “single actual universe” has the highest probability of emerging?

Well, I will make the case that the answer to this question has to do with the energy equation – which I promised to discuss.

But before I do, why am I even asking this question? Why do we care about what caused our “verse” to emerge? I mean according to the many worlds interpretation, all possible “verses” exist. Our’s – with matter and stars and life is just as likely to emerge as one with no matter and no stars and no life. Lykken and Spiropulu put it this way in their article titled Supersymmetry and the Crisis in Physics:

In the multiverse scenario, the big bang produced not just the universe that we see but also a very large number of variations on our universe that we do not see. In this case, the answer to questions such as “Why does the electron have the mass that it does?” takes an answer in the form of: “That’s just the random luck of the draw—other parts of the multiverse have different electrons with different masses.

If many worlds is correct then our existence is random – there is no scientific reason for things to be as we experience them. Put bluntly…

The many worlds interpretation of quantum physics says our existence is meaningless – our universe is just one possibility emerging from an infinite number of other possible universes – all equally likely to exist – and all that actually do exist.

But this isn’t what the math we experience tells us. We see a wave function that describes a probability space. Some things are more likely to happen than others. So what determines this probability?

You see, this is an important question because – the answer would reveal a great truth…

why are we here?

Why is our universe set up this way? Why are the physics constants finely tuned to values that allow matter to form and clump into stars that light up and provide elements and energy that ultimately power life?

Scale Theory says that one single “verse” emerges from the quantum foam that contains information about all possible “verses”. And as I said, this post series provides a logical, mathematical explanation to the question…

which “single actual universe” has the highest probability of emerging?

And unlike the many worlds interpretation, Scale Theory makes room for a logical, mathematical, explanation for our existence. That is, there is a mathematically explainable driving force that sets the probabilities described by the wave function.

I’m proposing that…

of the many universes that could exist, there is a mathematical explanation for why our universe, with matter and stars and life is the one, and only one, that in the end, actually does exist.

As I said, this selection process is evolutionary in nature and is driven by the survival of the fittest law. I will show that with “verses”, fitness is defined by the energy equation. Our universe must consume an amount of energy equal to the amount of energy being fed into it..

Energy In = Energy Out

So what is Energy In and Energy Out? Well that’s the topic of the next post


6 thoughts on “Cosmological Evolution (Part 3)

  1. onadanta March 17, 2019 / 4:15 pm

    If all possible alternate histories and futures only exist as information they are not alternate realities but are all only theoretical concepts of the mind and can not even be considered possibilities because they do not fit into the existing space time continuum of actual reality. (?)

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    • Sal's Blog March 17, 2019 / 4:30 pm

      Excellent point. Quantum physics poses many mind bending paradoxes. The “information space” proposed in scale theory does not reside in the human mind, it resides in a lower dimensional boundary – namely within the event horizon of our black hole. This is the same conclusion arrived at by string theory’s Holographic Principle (web-search this to read more). But you bring up a good point – how the human mind interprets reality is part of the problem space.


  2. todgermanica January 13, 2019 / 10:27 pm

    You have some interesting thoughts and you write well. What bothers me about the prevailing Dark Matter ideas is that they’ve never been detected, maybe like so much ether or phlogoston.
    Are we that sure the known universe is expanding, Red Shift is right?
    I like your potential emerging verses. Seems that with spooky action at a distance, every empty cube of space is actually bursting with potential particles/energies.
    Seems as if physics is in a blind alley with useless un-disprovable theories like string or dark whatever.
    Then again maybe things happen differently in different parts of own beloved known universe (love Larry Niven). Maybe physics is local.
    Or else, as Ran Prieur believes, it is all mind all the way down.
    Thanks for reading my blog post. I’ve bookmarked your blog site and look forward to hearing more of your thinking.

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    • Sal's Blog January 14, 2019 / 4:30 am

      Thanks for the great feedback – I agree – physics is in a blind alley. Keep up the great blogging…

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