Cosmological Evolution (Part 4)

This post series is an exploration of why the universe we experience (with matter, stars and life) is the one that ended up emerging.

I am proposing that our universe is the one that balances the energy equation (shown below).

Energy In = Energy Out

So what are these Energies? Well Scale Theory says that at the very very small and large scales space-time is bent. One possible explanation for what’s doing the bending is a black hole. Specifically speaking – the black hole our universe resides within – let’s call this our Parent Black Hole. Now this is not a new idea. For example Nikodem Poplawski at Indiana University wrote a paper that concludes with the idea that, “…our own Universe may be the interior of a black hole existing in another universe.” And there are other such serious conjectures by respected physicists. All that Scale Theory adds is that we see the “effects” of this at the very large and very small scale edges of our reality.

So if our Parent Back Hole is responsible for bending space-time at the scale boundaries then Energy In can be calculated by the mass of our Parent Black Hole using Einstein’s equation E = mc^2. How much energy might this be? Well,  Sagittarius A, the Milky Way’s very own supermassive black hole is estimated to have a mass the equivalent of roughly four million Suns. Of course our universe has more than four million suns but the net energy in our universe is not as large as one might think. In fact physicists make the case that the net energy in our universe is zero! This is called the Zero Energy Universe hypothesis where matter and antimatter balance each other out. There is however, more matter than antimatter in our universe. So something tipped this scale. Alan Guth solves this problem with his theory of inflation, which breaks Einstein’s speed of light rule. My solution is that there is a lump of matter and energy that is consumed by our Parent Black Hole that is lost or removed from the universe it occupies. This energy must go somewhere, right? So a logical explanation is that this energy transfers to the new universe that is created inside of the black hole. This is what tipped the scale between matter and antimatter. This hypothesis does not require Einstein’s speed of light rule to be broken.

So to summarize…

Energy In is the matter and energy used to create our Parent Black Hole. And Energy Out is the net matter and energy that makes up our universe.

Now I realize this raises more questions than it answers but in this post I wanted to lay out the basic concept. In the next post I will explain why the emergent universe evolves the way it does – with, matter, stars and even life.


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