Cosmological Evolution (Part 5)

OK in the last post I said that…

Energy In is the matter and energy used to create our Parent Black Hole. And Energy Out is the net matter and energy that makes up our universe (matter – antimatter).

…and that our universe must balance the energy equation

Energy In = Energy Out

…such that it consumes an amount of energy equal to the amount of energy being fed into it. This is merely conservation of energy at the inter-universe scale.

So the question is…

Why does the emergent universe, our universe, evolve the way it does – with, matter, stars and us?

Well, let’s consider the range of possible universes by varying or “tuning” the universal physics constants such as the speed of light, vacuum permittivity, Planck’s constant, or the gravitational constant.

It turns out that most possible universes are uneventful, with settings that don’t involve matter that clumps and stars that shine. Thus, they don’t end up balancing the energy equation and therefore, won’t end up emerging. In fact we know of only one setting for the universal physics constants that results in a universe that does involve energy consumption – and it’s the one that we inhabit!

So it’s not an accident that the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second, or that Planck’s constant is 6.626176 x 10 joule-seconds. This combination of settings results in an “energy eventful” universe that can balance the energy equation.

So – let’s pause and let this idea sink in. Balancing the energy equation drives a very important result:

    It tunes the universal physics constants such that matter clumps and stars shine – which gives us an “energy eventful” universe.

Our “energy eventful” universe is not just a random accident. Our universe emerged from an infinite number of possible universes because it’s the one that balances the energy equation. As I said..

There’s a set amount of energy available to our universe from beyond our event horizon, and our universe is the one that requires this exact amount of energy such that the overall system is balanced.

This is a profound idea – but let’s not stop there. What if this requirement to balance the energy equation is also the reason we exist? In the next posts I’d like to explore this concept…

Why did life emerge?

I mean, it’s possible to have an “energy eventful” universe that doesn’t involve abiogenesis – where life doesn’t emerge. But maybe there’s a mathematical explanation for the emergence of animate, self replicating objects!

OK – so let’s explore this question in my next post.


7 thoughts on “Cosmological Evolution (Part 5)

    • Sal's Blog March 26, 2019 / 10:25 am

      I generally agree with you. This idea I’m exploring may offer a scientific reason for the existence of life. I’m working on the next post. I’ll be interested in reasoned critique of the hypothesis. Stay tuned…


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